PARSO in Colombia 2023: REMTech, Worktech and CIFMERS as Speakers!

The dynamic Bogota, Colombia, became in September and October 2023 the epicenter of innovation in real estate, proptech and facility management, with the outstanding realization of three specialized events: REMTech, WorkTech and CIFMERS. 

Our PARSO team, based in Costa Rica, was enthusiastically represented by our leaders, CEO Max Goldberg and CTO Andrei Fuentes. In addition, our commercial leader for South and Central America and the Caribbean, Daniel Lopez, dazzled as an expert speaker on this exciting trip. These events marked a significant milestone in our ongoing quest for excellence in the Latin American market. 

Here's how REMTech, WorkTech and CIFMERS are driving transformation and innovation in Latam!

WORKTECH 2023 Colombia: Discovering the Keys to the Future of Work

On September 5, 2023, the Hall 74 Event Center in Bogota, Colombia, brought to life the first event with the WORKTECH celebration. PARSO, as a proud partner, joined this community of high-level professionals from diverse sectors, including Real Estate, Facility Management, Human Resources, Technology, Architecture and more, to explore the trends that are transforming the world of work.

This year, leading experts such as Gabriel Gurovich, Philip Ross, Daniel Strode, Elvira Muñoz Beraza and Santiago Fernández Escobar shared groundbreaking ideas on topics such as the impact of artificial intelligence on the workplace, the evolution of smart workspaces, the importance of corporate culture, design in times of uncertainty and strategies for leading in a volatile world.

Host Claudia Gonzalez Becerra, Regional Facilities Manager at International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. guided attendees through a day full of discovery and learning. WORKTECH 2023 not only connected business leaders, but also inspired the future of work in an ever-changing world.

CIFMERS LATAM Colombia 2023: united for sustainability, inclusion and advancement of the FM.

The event held on September 14 and 15 in Bogota, Colombia, stood out as an essential event for Facility Management professionals. Sponsored by Grupo Eulen Sodexo, T Gestiona, PARSO and other prestigious companies. The event was divided into three thematic blocks that explored sustainability, technology and the relationship between workspaces and technologies .

The presentation by Daniel Lopez, one of the business leaders at PARSO, entitled "Flexible and people-centered spaces: opportunities or challenges?", addressed three key challenges for Facility Managers: uncertainty in space needs, mobility management and manual requests. He proposed technological solutions and flexible policies as essential allies to meet these challenges and adapt workspaces to the changing needs of people. 

In addition to Daniel, other industry leaders, such as Emilio Garcia from EULEN, Angel Contramaestre from DHL and Claudia Gonzalez from IFF, shared their perspectives on transforming the world through sustainability and people-centered workspace management.

In an ever-changing world, CIFMERS LATAM 2023 demonstrated that collaboration, sustainability and technology are key to forging a future where Facility Management plays a crucial role in creating a more humane and efficient work environment.

REMTECH 2023 Colombia.

This major meeting, held on October 3 and 4 in the city of Bogota, promoted collaboration among professionals and presented technological solutions through visits to leading companies, such as Pfizer and Conecta, which demonstrated how technology improves the experience of their employees, visitors and customers, as well as logistical efficiency.

The event designed to drive real estate asset management and investment with technology focused on four key pillars: disruptive technology, digitalization and automation, knowledge and collaboration. Daniel Lopez, commercial leader for PARSO, gave a tech talk titled "Smart Spaces: Integrating PropTech and Digitized Workplace Solutions."

In Lopez's words, "Technology is transforming the tenant experience in smart buildings, improving efficiency and productivity through solutions such as digital reservations, lobby management, wayfinding and digital service requests". In summary, REM TECH Latam 2023 revealed how technology is revolutionizing the real estate industry and the collaborative economy.

What did we learn from the REMTech, Worktech and CIFMERS Bogotá 2023 events?

In summary, the REMTech, WorkTech and CIFMERS events in Bogota, Colombia, marked a milestone in the evolution of the real estate and technology market in Latin America, revealing innovative trends and allowing us to learn about the needs of the local market. Together these events highlighted collaboration, sustainability and technology as fundamental to transform workspaces into more efficient and, above all, human environments.

The future looks bright and full of possibilities for everyone involved in this dynamic industry!