Improve mobility within your company through ridesharing, increase collaboration among your employees and reduce environmental impact

Offering your employees the possibility of sharing car journeys has benefits both for collaboration and relationship building between them, as well as optimising the use of parking spaces and protecting the environment.

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Work culture

Relationship as the basis for achievement. With the Carpooling module, your employees have the opportunity to share spaces beyond your offices, which favours their bond and trust, helping to benefit their joint results.

Space optimisation

From one to three less cars occupying parking space. With the Carpooling module you could reduce the number of spaces required in your car park and therefore optimise the use of your available spaces.


Your company's CO2 emissions will be reduced by offering a solution to optimise the mobility of your employees. It is an added value that your company can add to its communication and generate a better perception and make a direct contribution to the environment.

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