The best way to encourage the return to the office.

During the pandemic, many companies have adopted remote work to ensure the safety of their employees. As restrictions are lifted in many areas, some companies are considering reopening their offices. However, getting employees to return can be a challenge, as many have enjoyed the flexibility and convenience of working from home.

At Parso, we know the importance and value that human connections generate and the interest of many, not only employers, but co-workers as well to be able to return to the office, at least in a hybrid work scheme. Here are some effective ways to incentivize a return to the office:

1. Clear communication: It is important to clearly communicate the company's plans for returning to the office, including safety protocols and prevention measures being taken. Employees need to feel safe and comfortable before returning.

Flexibility: While most employees may be eager to return to the office, some may need more flexibility in their schedule or have personal or family concerns that make them more cautious. Be sure to be understanding and offer flexible solutions to employees who need it.

Benefits and amenities: Offer additional benefits and amenities to returning employees, such as paid lunches, free transportation, or a comfortable and well-equipped break room. This can make the transition more attractive and enjoyable.

4. Collaboration opportunities: Remote work can be lonely and it can be difficult for employees to feel connected to their colleagues. Provide opportunities for collaboration and teamwork to encourage social interaction and relationship building.

Celebrations and events: Celebrate the return to the office with special events and activities, such as a welcome back breakfast or a housewarming party. This can help employees feel excited and motivated to return.

In summary, to encourage a return to the office, it is important to communicate clearly, be flexible, offer benefits and amenities, encourage collaboration and celebrate the return with special events. By taking these steps, companies can help make the transition more attractive and successful for everyone involved.